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In the ever-evolving domain of web technology, WordPress Blocks redefined the concept of content creation and online marketing. This juggernaut of a content management system houses over 75 million websites due to its mind-blowing plugin architecture and template system. However, the proper plugin tends to get lost in the hordes of useless ones. Hence, We bring forth, PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks, a well-designed, ergonomic, and user-friendly plugin.

PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks comes in two different versions. The free version of the plugin is downloadable for all. However, this version offers limited features and ready-made blocks. The premium version of the plugin comes with all premium features and gives you full access to the entire ready-made block library.

Why do you need a Post Block Plugin?

A post block plugin allows you to create, customize and garnish your very own website without any knowledge of web designing whatsoever. It does so with the use of WordPress blocks. You can simply add, edit and embellish your content inside a WordPress Block. The sky’s the limit if you use a proper plugin to create your website or blog. So, let’s take a tour of one of the Best Post Block Plugins out there.

Versatile Blog Listing Variations

In the case of PostX you will find distinct and quirky designs built for specific purposes. The scope of customization is not off the table as well. But when it comes to instant publication, every block is ready to go.

PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks supplies you with three major different easy-to-use blog listing variations. you can easily customize these WordPress Blocks to meet your specific requirements. Never are you stuck with the given structure and design.

The Post Grid

The post grid provides you with a grid layout for publishing your content. It is one of the most commonly used layouts in the world of media. PostX grid blocks come in 7 distinct and stylish variants.

Post Grid
Post Grid Example – PostX

Post Grid #1 comes in the classic style for the elegant ones out there. It is one of the most widely used styles of the decade. With gradient image in overlay style, Post Grid #2 gives your content a more modern and eye-catching appearance. Post Grid #3 displays your content with a big post on the top and small ones below it. With Big posts on the top in overlay style, Post Grid #4 comes with a trendy look.

Post Grid #5 uses big posts on the left in tiles overlay style for a more quirky appearance. With tile blocks in gradient display, Post Grid #6 gives your content a simple yet elegant appearance. Lastly, Post Grid #7 comes with a gradient display in a vertical overlay.

The Post List

The post list is one of the most vital methods of blog listing. PostX WordPress blocks provide you with 4 unique post list blocks.

Post List #1 lists your content in the classic style. In Post List #2 your content is listed with a big post on the top and small ones below it. 

Post List
The Post List – PostX

Post List #3 lists your content with images on the left side. Heading, Excerpt and meta are listed on the right. Post List #4 lists your content with a big image on the top and tiny images below it.

The Post Module

The post module is a combination of various display styles and can be used to give your content an unconventional look. PostX WordPress Blocks offers some of the crispest post modules out there. 

The Post Module – PostX

Post Module #1 comes with big posts on the left and small posts on the right. On the other hand, Post Module #2 lists your content with big posts on top. 

Premade Blocks, Starter Packs, and The Huge Block Library 

PostX ups its game by offering quirky and stylish premade blocks and starter packs. You can create entire posts and pages in the blink of an eye. And you can do so without any customization at all.

Each of the three major blog listing variants of PostX comes with an array of unique premade blocks and layouts. Moreover, every sub-variation comes with its’ own premade layouts and blocks. PostX offers up to 5 layouts for a single ready-made block.

Starter packs provide you with entire ready-made pages that can be used with a single click of a button. Any customization here is completely unnecessary.

You can import any premade block or starter pack by simply accessing the colossal block library of PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks. All premade blocks and starter packs are neatly arranged here. 

Separate Blocks for Heading, Images, and Wrapper

PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks leaves no stone unturned in giving you the best plugin experience. Even though all the blocks come with heading, wrapper, and image settings, PostX provides you with separate blocks for each of them.

Heading Block

The heading is undoubtedly one of the most defining and vital parts of your content. Heading style, heading tag, heading URL, alignment along the tiniest of details can be tweaked to perfection with PostX.

Image Block

Images more often than not tend to be the focal point of your content. PostX image blocks give you all the basic image settings in one place. You also get additional settings like, hover animation, image alignment, and much more in the same place.

Wrapper Block

PostX wrapper blocks let you create a container for other blocks and work on them separately. As it lets you work on selected blocks concentrating on specific sections becomes much easier.

Advanced Query Builder

Advanced Query Builder
Advanced Query Builder – PostX

PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks offers you one of the simplest yet highly functional query builders of all time. To use it you only need to know the basic functionalities of a computer or smartphone.

PostX’s query builder packs quite a few punches without having to confuse you. Using this advanced query builder is just a matter of “select and click”. You create your query as either a post or a page. Queries are created by categories, tags, or custom taxonomy (subject).

The impressive “Include Post” and “Exclude Post” features let you add or remove any post without affecting the other settings of your query builder. You can skip a number of posts before going live with the help of the“offset Post” feature

Advanced Quick Query

PostX offers quick queries for creating instant queries with the click of a button. A proper query is created in a matter of seconds with this amazing feature. To create a quick query You simply have to select the priority. PostX gives you a plethora of options for this.

Advanced Pagination

Pagination lets your visitors move back and forth through multiple pages of your content.  This means a faulty pagination system can easily confuse your visitors and be a major turn-off. PostX’s pagination rises up to the occasion and hammers home intuitive wayfinding. It offers you three nifty pagination systems for different content types.

Advanced Pagination
Advanced Pagination – PostX
  • Pagination: Last but not least is the pagination system unambiguously called “Pagination”. It is powered by all-powerful ajax technology. This pagination comes with text and arrows along with a few numbers that represent pages of your content.
  • Load More: The load more pagination system adds more content to your page without reloading it. A small button is placed at the bottom of your page for this purpose. Though by default the button text is “load more”, you can easily change it to anything of your liking.
  • Navigation: Navigation is a simple yet effective pagination system. It gives your visitors a set of directional arrows to move back and forth. Each click on one direction usually gets your visitor one page ahead or back.

AJAX Post Filter

Much of the success of your website or blog depends on your visitors finding what they are looking for with ease and comfort. PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks Ajax filter ensures smooth navigation and instant results for your visitors.

AJAX Post Filter
AJAX Post Filter – PostX

PostX’s ajax filter performs the basic tasks with precision while offering numerous advanced features. It only loads specific sections of your content instead of the entire page. This ajax post filter offers four unique filter types to regulate the passing data. PostX’s filter creates small buttons for the purpose of navigation and search. A new button is added every time you enter a new filter value.

Dynamic Post Slider

Content creators and online marketers go to great lengths to get the attention of the general mass. Many a time all their hard work and effort is to no purpose even when the content in itself is topnotch. PostX’s post slider relieves your visitors from such monotony and delivers the much-needed dynamism and novelty they crave for.

The dynamic post slider of PostX creates an engaging and eye-catching slideshow to display your content. It comes with animation fade for creating a real sense of motion. The slider can be manually navigated with arrows or be put on autoplay.

State of the Art Typography

Typography is one of the basic elements for the embellishment of your content. In PostX all google free fonts are collected along with all typography settings and are presented to you in one place for your convenience. 

PostX’s typography includes 897+ google free fonts. The font size, line height, and letter spacing can be separately changed. You even get four different decorations for garnishing the texts of your content.

Content Animation

Content animation is one of the surest ways of creating interactive and engaging content. Content animation relieves your visitors from monotony and serves as a guide. PostX offers you premium content animation without you spending a dime. With PostX you will not only get these stunning content animations but also a chance to customize them.

Exclusive Addons

Addons are used to add exclusive features to an existing plugin for serving specific purposes. Right now PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks is offering three major addons.

Exclusive Addons
Exclusive Addons – PostX
  • Saved Template Addon: The saved template addon enables you to use shortcodes with minimal work on your part.  Many a time you find yourself wanting to merge the blocks of two different plugins. Normally such a feat is impossible. However, with the help of shortcodes, you can easily combine the blocks of PostX with other plugins like Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, etc. using this addon.
  • Elementor Addon: Due to the highly contrastive framework of Elementor and PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks, you can’t use them together in usual circumstances. The Elementor addon lets you do the impossible by implementing PostX – Gutenberg Post Blocks inside Elementor. 
  • Specific Category Background Color: Unfortunately, every once in a while the color of the category merges into the color of the background. This makes it invisible leaving no traces behind. The specific category background color addon prevents this from happening by adding an extra layer of the background behind the category text. This simple fix prevents your website or blog from being unresponsive.

An Array of Advanced Features

Despite being in no shortage of features PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks offers you a set of advanced features for an extra layer of control and embellishment.

The manual functions include customization of padding, margin, z-index, loading color, background, border, box-shadow, border radius, and more. One of the most promising manual customization features is Custom CSS. If you are capable of using CSS you can easily customize the appearance, layout, colors, and much more. 

PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks offers you responsive automated advanced features. These cutting-edge features let you change the appearance of your website or blog depending on the user’s device. There are four device sizes for the change.

Final Verdict

Among the hordes of useless and dull post block plugins, PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks stands out like a sore thumb. Owing to its amazing array of features and intuitive interface literally anyone from the 21st century can use it. Though we recommend you buy the premium version for the full experience the free version in itself is enough to deliver a satisfying product. PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks can be your magic lamp of today with unlimited wishes. Give the lamp a rub by downloading the plugin today.

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