TasteWP – Create Free WordPress Testing Sites

Want to create a WordPress site free and testing your themes and plugins? TasteWP is a newcomer among online WordPress sandboxing solutions. The site allows users to spin up a new WordPress instance in a one minute! It’s easier than maintaining a local development environment, which many casual WordPress users have not taken the time to set up.

Bear in mind, the TasteWP’s temporary testing sites are hosted for 48 hours for non-logged-in users and 7 days for those who are logged in. The one-click setup gives you a random site URL and login credentials.

Also, the staging sites are limited to 220MB per instance. A successful set-up notice is displayed in the dashboard with information on when the site will be automatically deleted. TasteWP limits non-logged-in users to creating 2 sites and the limit is 6 for logged-in users. They can be removed or added within the site manager.

When creating a new site, the Advanced Options allows users to set up multisite, select a PHP version, WordPress version, and choose from a number of advanced configuration options and pre-installed extensions. The PHP version can also be changed later within the site manager.

TasteWP is reminiscent of the now-defunct poopy.life service. In addition to the unsavory and unforgettable name, poopy.life was laden with obtrusive upgrade ads that floated across the screen periodically. TasteWP takes a different route for promotion and includes three of its plugins pre-installed on the default testing sites.

TasteWP is run by Inisev, a 15-person company that has been developing WordPress plugins for four years.

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