How to Contribute to WordPress and Its Community

WordPress is a user-driven project, thus your contributions to improvements and advancements are essential! Please think about making a contribution in one or more of the methods listed below to the project and the WordPress Community. Users like you contribute to the project, keeping it active and moving forward.

We’re constantly searching for individuals to contribute to making WordPress even better, whether you’re an aspiring coder, a pixel-perfect designer, or you simply enjoy assisting. A list of methods to participate and assist is provided below. Visit to get started immediately.


The all of the user and developer documentation that is available for WordPress was created by users just like you and me! The Documentation Contributor Handbook details the myriad of ways in which you may voluntarily contribute your time and effort to enhance the quality of the documentation as well as its breadth of coverage.

The slack channel #docs is the place to talk about everything relevant to documentation.


The process of translating the WordPress software into other languages, allowing users to create blogs using WordPress in languages other than English, is referred to as Translating WordPress This post will instruct you on how to locate the teams that are translating WordPress and how to join them.

You are welcome to ask questions, make comments, and participate in conversations about translating WordPress in the #polyglots channel of the Slack messaging service.

Please visit this URL if you would want to become a part of the Translation Team

WordPress Support Forum

Another worthwhile gift you may make is to volunteer some of your time to assist other WordPress users. The WordPress Support Forum offers all WordPress-related support free of charge, and user participation is crucial to maintain this.

If you are interested in contributing in any way, please read the information provided at

WordPress Chat on Slack

WordPress work is now organized and completed via Slack rather than IRC. The neighborhood is lively, receptive, and quite active. We invite you to join us in our Slack channel and get started right away.

On Slack, there is a weekly meetup of core developers in #core channel. The WordPress Development Blog hosts agendas, minutes, and conversation between meetings.

Even though the IRC Live conversation is still going, much of the work that needs to be done is being done in our Slack Channel. Please join us on

WordPress Development

Whether or not you are a trained software developer, you still have the ability to contribute to the development of the WordPress software.

Development Planning

Contributing to the development of WordPress may be done in a number of ways, one of which is to provide feature suggestions and take part in the development planning  process. Even if you are not a developer, you can still assist establish consensus and formalize suggestions by condensing lengthy email discussions and IRC logs into their essential parts. This will allow developers to easily discern what the community hopes to accomplish with a certain feature.

Testing WordPress

Testing WordPress is an additional important contribution that anybody, whether they are a developer or not, can contribute to the development of WordPress. There are always pre-release versions of WordPress available for testing before each stable release of the software. You are welcome to download the pre-releases and put them through their paces so that the WordPress developers can iron out any kinks in the system before making the newest version accessible to the general public. Join the wp-testers mailing list if you would want to participate in this endeavor. This is the place where new releases are discussed as well as publicized.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of development, even before pre-release versions are put together, you may also check out the newest software from the WordPress Subversion (SVN) repository, as described in Using Subversion. This will allow you to be on the bleeding edge of development. Or, you may get the “nightly build” from This version is practically as up to date as the immediate Subversion repository. The “nightly build” is generated from the Subversion repository, and it is made accessible as a zip file.

Check out the area directly below this one if, when testing pre-release or already-released versions of WordPress, you come across any issues.

Reporting Bugs

You may also contribute to the development of WordPress in another manner by reporting any issues that you come across with the WordPress software. Please begin by reading the page titled Reporting Bugs, which explains how the bug reporting process works and provides a description of the steps involved. After you have gained an understanding of how to report bugs, you may search the Trac database inside WordPress to see whether or not your problem has previously been reported, and if it hasn’t, you can submit a new report. Your assistance in identifying and reporting errors would be very much appreciated.

Fixing Bugs and Other Programming

If you are a software engineer, another way for you to contribute to the development of WordPress is to solve issues that have been reported in the WordPress Trac database. These problems might have been submitted by you or by another person. This method, which may sometimes be referred to as “patching,” is outlined in the section on Reporting Bugs. That article also includes some recommendations for locating issues and fixing them.

You also have the option of subscribing to the wp-hackers mailing list in order to take part in debates on the development of WordPress. On the mailing list, your comments, thoughts, and recommendations will be gratefully received. On occasion, requests are also placed on the list asking for the assistance of volunteers to aid in the enhancement and development of certain functionalities. These requests may be found on the list.

OpenHatch Training Missions is a simple educational tool that we suggest using if you are not acquainted with the patching process or how to utilize Subversion.

There are also bug scrubs held on occasion in the Slack channel designated as #core Slack channel.
In most cases, they are publicized in advance on the make/core blog. The manual for the core team has further information regarding bug scrubs, including more specifics about what they include.

You may also find it interesting to read this page, which discusses How does code make it into WordPress. It describes in depth the procedures that are followed in order to include new functionality, code, and bug fixes into subsequent editions of WordPress.

Show You Care

Embedding a link to WordPress is a great way to show your appreciation and support for the platform. A text link or one of the various WordPress logos with a URL of will do the trick. Make it clear that you’re concerned.

Donating Money

Everyone contributes to the WordPress Community in some manner, whether it’s via time, effort, or even financial contributions, because they recognize the importance of the tools and resources WordPress offers. Donating to the authors and developers of WordPress Themes and Plugins, who so generously share their work with the WordPress community by making their products available for free, is one way to get involved.

Get in touch with the creator of any WordPress Theme or Plugin upon which your blog’s success is dependent, and find out what other ways you can contribute to the developer’s ongoing work. Producing and maintaining Themes and Plugins, including keeping them up to date as WordPress evolves and faults are discovered, is a labor-intensive endeavor. To support them, several ask for contributions or value blog posts mentioning their Plugin or Theme. Some developers provide their plugins and themes as a kind of experiential portfolio; if you like what you see, you can employ them. The majority of WordPress users express gratitude for financial reward for their efforts by voting with their wallets.

WordPress improves and becomes stronger with the help of the community’s programmers, developers, testers, and critics. It might be a monetary gift or just an expression of gratitude.

Just keep in mind that any kind of help is appreciated. Enhancing WordPress is a group effort.

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